Car-parking costs cut in Kirkcaldy Town Centre

Kirkcaldy 4 All has been working in collaboration with Fife Council to offer a  trial of reduced charges for all Council carparks in the Town Centre. As of 27th April 2016, it was agreed to continue this for one year.


What are the new costs?

Short Stay:

  • 0-1 hours for £1
  • 1 –2 hours for £1
  • 2-3 hours for £2

Long Stay:

  • 0-1 hours for £1
  • 1 – 2 hours for £1
  • 2-4 hours for £2
  • 4+ hours for £3


Where does it apply?

All Council multi-storey car-parks and surface car-parks. Including The Esplanade, Thistle Street and the Postings multi-storey. All Waterfront surface car-parks, Charlotte Street, Nicol Street, Oswald Wynd, Coal Wynd and Glasswork Street.

See the map below ' Kirkcaldy Car-parks Map'.


Discounted quarterly car park season tickets

To encourage town centre workers to park in central, convenient, long stay car parks, the season ticket price has been halved to £60 from £120. This equates to £1 per day for a 5 day working week.

To download the season ticket application form, please follow this link:


The quarterly season ticket only applies to the following Long Stay carparks:

Coal Wynd

St James Church

Esplanade Carparks

Nicol Street

Thistle Multistorey

Esplanade Multistorey




Map of Kirkcaldy Car-parks
The car-parks highlighted in blue and green are part of the pilot scheme. The seasonal pass applies to the Long Stay car-parks in blue on the map.
Kirkcaldy Carparks map.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.6 MB]



Kirkcaldy car parking trial to be extended

27/04/2016 10:50

Kirkcaldy Area Committee has agreed to fund an extension of the car parking trial in Kirkcaldy town centre for a further year.

The trial, which has already been in place for six months, is offering cut price parking in town centre Council car parks and half price season tickets.

A report to the Committee highlighted that there was an increase in cars accessing the town centre during the trial. The sale of season tickets increased from 28 to 130 and car park surveys identified a 3% rise in parking demand.

Chair of the Committee, Cllr Neil Crooks said: “I’m pleased that the Committee has agreed that we continue with the reduced parking charges to get a sense of the longer term impact that it may be having on Kirkcaldy’s town centre. Year on year comparisons are problematic here with factors such as the closure of Tesco and the Forth Rail Bridge closure affecting town centre parking patterns in the last year. It’s encouraging to see that there has not been a decline in the number of people parking in the town centre.

“The challenge facing town centres is a national issue and there are no ‘quick fixes’. We’ve listened to customers and businesses in the town and taken action. It’s important that we continue with this work in what could potentially be the reversal of a downturn in town centre parking for Kirkcaldy.

“Traders have reported back positively on the initial trial to Kirkcaldy 4 All with 71% noticing an increase in footfall and 57% reporting an increase in customer spend. One business reported a swing of 20% in their trading figures which is fantastic news.

This suggests that the investment of £20,000 could potentially have created an economic uplift for businesses worth up to £200,000.”

The reduced parking charges allow people to park for up to two hours for £1, two to four hours for £2 or over four hours for £3. The offer applies to all Council multi-storey and surface car parks.

Cllr Crooks added: “As well as the reduced price parking offer, I’m keen to remind people that there are now wider parking bays in the Esplanade multi-storey car park for easier parking, particularly for families. The two lower levels are now also open for longer on weekdays for customers at the Leisure Centre, from 6.30am until 10pm, with free parking before 8am and after 6pm.”





Press Release 17/9/15



Car-parking costs cut in Kirkcaldy Town Centre

One of the biggest gripes in Kirkcaldy’s Town Centre over the years has been the cost of parking. With free parking at the increasingly popular ‘out of town’ retail park and the increase of internet shopping with free delivery, Kirkcaldy town centre has had some stiff competition.

With this in mind, Kirkcaldy 4 All, the town centre Business Improvement District company, has been working in collaboration with Fife Council to promote a 6 month trial of reduced charges for all Council carparks in the Town Centre.

The trial commences on Monday 28th September and ends 31 March 2016 and the simple message to the public is ‘use it, or lose it’.

According to Bill Harvey, BID Manager at Kirkcaldy 4 All “we are delighted to be able to support this trial in Kirkcaldy. Business rates in Kirkcaldy have been historically high and in the current economic climate, it has proven difficult for existing business owners to entice new customers. Having high parking costs in the mix certainly hasn’t helped. Kirkcaldy is a great town, with a great history, and we want people to use their town centre. If we can’t prove that this pilot has increased cars using the Council car-parks and increased the dwell time in the shops, then we will struggle to have a case to keep the costs lowered. We hope the public and especially the town centre workers, will take advantage of the offer”

So not only have costs for short stay and long stay car-parks been changed so shoppers will get twice as much parking time for the same price, but seasonal tickets have also halved, so town centre workers and frequent visitors can park for just £1 per day.

Welcoming this trial, Cllr Neil Crooks Chair of Kirkcaldy Area Committee said: “Car park charges are usually considered on a Fife-wide basis, but we’ve been given the opportunity to try to positively react to this situation locally. The impact of the closure of the Tesco store has given us a solid case to make these changes. We’ll be looking closely at this trial which will hopefully encourage more people to pay less and stay longer.

“Parking is as a key action point in Kirkcaldy’s ‘Time for Action’ plan and there’ll be great interest in whether this trial will contribute towards regenerating the town centre. I hope people get behind it and take advantage of these new parking options.”

Another important addition to the parking situation is that the lower two levels of the Esplanade car-park will be open from 6.30pm – 10pm Monday to Friday to accommodate Leisure Centre customers. This positive change will be in place for the foreseeable future and also commences on 28th September.



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