Kirkcaldy4All is an independent company – separate from Fife Council. We provide additional projects and services not covered by traditional public services. We complement them ??? working together when it is in the interests of our levy-payers ??? but able to campaign and lobby against them when an alternative route is deemed in the best interests of our BID, our businesses and our wider community.

Working with our levy-payers, partner organisations and community stakeholders, we have 10 core objectives, to:

  1. Create a well promoted and vibrant town centre
  2. Increase the number and quality of events within the town
  3. Create a family friendly atmosphere
  4. Attract more visitors and increase spend
  5. Raise Kirkcaldy???s profile by improving people???s perception of the town
  6. Help create a safe and welcoming town centre
  7. Create a cleaner, more attractive town centre
  8. Help businesses to make cost savings
  9. Address green issues in a positive programme of development
  10. Support partner and stakeholder organisations to the benefit of Kirkcaldy

We have made excellent progress in delivering services and projects that support these core objectives ??? and more. As a result, in March 2015, levy-payers across the BID voted in a second ballot that resulted in the BID winning a second five-year term.

There are numerous benefits to be gained by our levy-payers through positive engagement with our BID. We work hard to deliver real value to those businesses that have invested in the BID company ??? both through their BID levy and through their willingness to engage with our programme of initiatives.

This ranges from business development grants to reductions in business overhead costs. The BID company also leverages funding streams over and above the BID investment levy to deliver the various projects and activities for the benefit of the levy payers and our community.

In common with almost 2,000 BIDs across the world, Kirkcaldy4All also aims to contribute positively to the ???Place Making??? as the Company???s Vision states.

The BID area includes over 450 businesses from a variety of sectors and takes in all the key entry points into the town centre – from the Railway Station to each end of the Waterfront.

The area encompasses all the positive attributes about Kirkcaldy:

  • Retail: we are Fife???s largest retail centre, with a good blend of major High Street stores and quality independent retailers represented.
  • Cultural Quarter: we have an outstanding Museum & Art Gallery together with the renowned Adam Smith Theatre.
  • Eating & Drinking: there are more than 80 places to eat and drink in town ??? from cafes and takeaways to bars, bistros, restaurants and night clubs. They represent more than 25 different nationalities from around the world.
  • Transport Hub: the East Coast railway connects Kirkcaldy with very regular services to all mainline stations in Scotland and more than 20 trains a day to London – including the sleeper service, the Calendonian. The town also has Fife???s largest bus station serving both east and central Scotland.

By working together, we can increase footfall, reduce costs, stimulate investment and enhance the reputation of our town.

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