Our Achievements

Our achievements are numerous: they are listed below under the headings ‘Area Promotion’, ‘Clean & Attractive’, ‘Safe & Welcoming’ and ‘Facilitation’. Our delivery is through a rolling programme, and we are always open to ideas as to how we can improve our service.

Area Promotion: we have delivered the following to promote Kirkcaldy and increase footfall:

  • Kirkcaldy???s Food & Drink Fair ??? this has been developed and launched: it now forms part of the area???s foodies??? calendar and attracts increasing support from exhibitors and partner organisations, visitor numbers and media awareness year on year.
  • Easter Events for the family – on the High Street.
  • Fife International Carnival ??? delivered in partnership with Fife Council, Fife Cultural Trust and OnAtFife.
  • Kirkcaldy Waterfront Beach Highland Games ??? a world first, the Games are now a fixture in the town???s calendar and will be developed to engage more of the town???s business community year on year.
  • Beach Motorbike Racing – delivered in partnership with the Kirkcaldy & District Motor Club.
  • Kirkcaldy Beer Festival ??? held every other year, in association with the Inglostadt Twinning Association.
  • Christmas Lantern Making Workshops ??? a successful community action programme that runs each November, working with numerous partners and stakeholders to engage with schools, children and their families across the town.
  • Lantern Parade & Christmas Lights Switch On ??? delivered annually in partnership with the town???s council and numerous charity and community partners including our local Police Scotland team.
  • Small Business Saturday & Shop Local Campaigns ??? promoted online, through social media as well as with features in local and regional published and broadcast media.
  • Integrated Communications Plan ??? we lead the way with our approach to integrated communication in support of our levy-payers, the BID, our partners and stakeholders as well as the wider community. The service includes:
    • Free Wi-Fi provision through 16 access points across the town centre: not only is this a valuable service to offer shoppers and visitors to the town, but it also provides valuable consumer data. The service enables us to engage with an ever-growing database of customers.
    • Blog: http://www.kirkcaldy4all.blog/ – used to feature breaking news, events, profiles on businesses and much more. It includes a full A-Z listing of levy-payers as well as links to the BID???s social media channels.
    • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kirkcaldy/ – sharing content every day to feature levy-payers, the BID and updates from the community. Increasingly, this is focused around video content; regularly, we see 1,000+ video views every day on the channel.
    • Instagram ??? supporting the Facebook delivery and sharing images and video content from businesses, partners and stakeholders across the town.
    • Twitter ??? supporting delivery with regular engagement including sharing content from those businesses active on the channel.
    • Crucially, all of this activity is supported by weekly visits from the service???s Ambassador to ensure every levy-payer is visited at least once a quarter. All channels are monitored seven days a week to ensure we are engaging and interacting not only with our businesses and partners but also with an ever-growing audience of residents and visitors.

Clean & Attractive: the following projects have been undertaken to address cleanliness & attractiveness in the BID area:

  • Growing Kirkcaldy – increased floral arrangements resulting in numerous awards and accolades during the BID???s lifetime.
  • Free Wi-Fi ??? the BID took over the management of the town???s Wi-Fi in 2016; there are 16 access points across the town to provide free use for residents and businesses.
  • Cleaning ??? including Intensive Street Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning & Gull Control Programmes ??? ensuring our streets remain clean and safe for the benefit of all users
  • Shop Front Schemes ??? assisting numerous independent stores to improve their shop fronts in the town
  • Waste Advice ??? helping businesses to save money on how they dispose of waste
  • Lighting ??? improving the town???s civic lighting and upgrading of??the Christmas Lights – in conjunction with Fife Council
  • Waterfront ??? working in partnership to develop and improve the town???s waterfront both in terms of its physical attractiveness as well as accessibility for all. This has included improved street furniture, signage, the development of the Kirkcaldy Mile as well as ongoing plans to better manage traffic in the area to improve pedestrian use and enjoyment.

Safe & Welcoming

  • Free Wi-Fi across Kirkcaldy???s town centre
  • Championed new Town Centre Signage project
  • ???Check-Out??? Scheme – sharing information between retailers
  • Safer Shopping Award ??? Scottish Business Resilience Centre
  • Business Alert for all BID businesses
  • Shop Safe Radio Scheme ??? reduction in cost
  • Purse Bells

Facilitation: projects that have been established to help local businesses & to reduce costs:

  • Business Rates ??? our BID was the only BID is Scotland to be invited to take part in the 2017 Barclay Review of Business Rates
  • Business Advisory Support – cost reduction in electricity, gas and telecoms costs.
  • Communication ??? we hold regular Business Forums and share updates through newsletters and e-shots with levy-payers to pass on information that will assist businesses in their day-to-day operation.
  • Social Media Workshops ??? we run free workshops for levy-payers from time to time to share updates from the BID???s delivery and to provide advice for their own social media management.
  • Business Support Grants ??? add info
  • Parking Improvements ??? add info
  • Adam Smith Roundabout ??? add info
  • IT & Telecom Solutions ??? add info

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