Kirkcaldy's Poetry Competition Winners

Following a fantastic uptake of Kirkcaldy4All’s innovative poetry competition, three local lyricists have been crowned joint winners.


Kirkcaldy resident Brian Fairful, age 72, Cara Hayes age 12 from Kirkcaldy High School and Casey Munro from Kirkcaldy West Primary School submitted the three winning poems, each one capturing the spirit of Kirkcaldy.


To see the poets themselves reciting their poems, please see our YouTube channel here.


The competition, launched on the birthday of Robert Burns, invited all those with a love of Scotland’s ‘lang toun’ to write a poem, with inspiration being drawn from the famous ‘Boy In The Train’ poem by Mary Campbell-Smith.


Bill Harvey, manager of Kirkcaldy4All, the town’s Business Improvement District, explains: “We were delighted with the response to the competition, there is clearly lot of love and respect for the ‘lang toun’ out there, and plenty of creative spirit. Many of the entries were worthy competitors, but Brian, Cara and Casey really stole the show with their excellent poetic works.”


Brian Fairful comments: “I am delighted to one of the three winners, and it’s an honour to have my poem on display. When I heard about the competition I thought it was a great way to put pen to paper and explore what I love about Kirkcaldy.”


The competition is part of a wider scheme, working with Fife-based filmmaker, David Cruikshanks to engage with local businesses a 1-2-1 level. David has been capturing content from the businesses which has been shared via the Kirkcaldy4All digital and social media channels. The initiative has so far proved very popular and supportive, not only for the businesses but also for the end customer.


Bill adds: “We hope to grow on the success of year one and make this annual competition. It has proven a briliant opportunity for local schools and residents to be creative and to celebrate all that makes Kirkcaldy great.”





The “Boy” Returns by Brian Fairful


It’s many years since I set foot

Upon kirkcaldy station

Seems brighter now than long ago

But one thing i’ve found missing

That queer like smell, I knew so well

No longer hits my nostrils

Still, nairns name is well renowned

Throughout this town’s great portals


From past and present, the world o’er

Kirkcaldy’s’ greatest sons

Have changed our lives in many ways

Let me tell you of just some-

Before the ladies throw this out

I know of famous daughters

Pet marjory, when she was but a child

Wrote verse, and poignant letters

Adam smith, robert philp and sanford fleming

Their names will live forever

Never forget what they achieved

Through work, and much endeavour


But now we come to modern times

And plan kirkcaldy’s future

What lies ahead, I can’t foretell

The vision is hard to measure

Whats gone before, now should inspire

To add a brand new splendour

Build once more, a town with pride

And people as its treasure


Brian Fairful - Winner of Adult Category

Kirkcaldy by Cara Hayes


The ducks waddle past at the Bevi Park,

They’ll be oot until its dark.

The Flyers race around the rink,

They don’t have time to stop and think.

Kirkcaldy High is the place to be,

But nothing beats the salty sea.


Go doon the toon wi one of yer mates,

And pop into BB’s and grab some cakes.

If you’re bored then don’t dismay,

Go to the theatre and watch a play.

Go doon the market and have a laugh,

But dinny take yer jacket aff.


Forget Dunfermline or Piscottie,

Because the best place of all is Kirkcaldy.

Go doon to Kittie’s and have a rave,

But always make sure that you behave.

The snow and rain come thrashing doon,

It’s a very unpredictable toon.


Go to Valente’s and grab some fish,

And eat it on a little dish.

Kirkcaldy is my favourite place,

You’ll always see a smiling face.

Cara Hayes Winner of High School Category

The Lang Toon by Casey Munro


As I wander round the park I see

The kids playing on the climbing frame

And also the tiny little pirate ship

It’s a good place to fly your kite!

If you think this is a good park then you are right!

The boat races every year!

Oh what a cheer!

And it is all in Kirkcaldy


Near the Beveridge Park is the new leisure centre

Oh it is such pleasure!

It has activities and a swimming pool

Every one said it is so cool

I go there all the time to have a swim

They even have a café

I normally have a diet coke

And it is all in Kirkcaldy


Across the road is the beach

Not to rocky just right

The hot sand is nice on your feet

And the glittering water in front of you

The animals in the water like fish and crabs

You see them all when thy lie on the sand

You could do anything at the beach

And it is all in Kirkcaldy!

Casey Munro Winner of the Primary School Category

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