Kirkcaldy4All : 2009-2020

Against a backdrop of impending recession and uncertainty, Kirkcaldy4All launched almost ten years ago … a decade that has seen many ups and downs in our town. Since 2009, we have supported hundreds of businesses across Kirkcaldy and worked with multiple partners and stakeholders to help deliver all manner of projects, events and support initiatives.

Our time is up. Kirkcaldy4All???s board – made up of local business owners and managers – took the decision not to seek renewal for a third five-year term. The decrease in income created by a shrinking retail sector and reduced grant support from Fife Council has meant it would be wrong to ask for increased financial support from a smaller number of businesses … in essence, asking all to pay more – for less.

The board were keen to explore alternatives: those ideas won significant levels of support from partners and stakeholders. Crucially – and sadly – they did not win the backing of some key partners which resulted in the plan stalling.

And so it is with regret that the Business Improvement District comes to an end. We very much hope new ideas come to the fore. We know there are many opportunities for the town – opportunities that would make a significant difference to the town???s sustainable future.

We would like to thank all those who have supported and worked with us over the years. We are being asked ???what next???? We end on March 5th 2020 – and the company will be wound up soon after.