Please don’t feed the seagulls…

We’re supporting an awareness campaign to try and reduce the nuisance caused by seagulls in town – and we’re asking for your help. 

This year’s awareness programme – funded by Fife Council – is delivering:

  • Use of CCTV to help prevent littering – issuing fixed penalty notices where appropriate.
  • Increasing ‘Don’t Feed Seagulls‘ signage to make more people aware.
  • Increasing visits from environmental officers – especially to food outlets – to remind all of their ‘duty of care’ when it comes to waste management.
  • Visiting High Schools to talk to students about the impact of littering.

The programme will also be offering advice on how property owners can ‘proof’ premises against gulls – from chimney guards and roof edge spikes to wiring and netting.

Now is the time to act!

Gulls are starting to nest – and young gulls start to fly from July. They can be noisy, can create mess as well as damage to property. They can also attack people and pets. We want to do all we can to discourage the birds from the town centre – and hope residents, visitors, businesses and those with whom we work in the community will support this campaign, so …

Please help us …

When enjoying your food in town, don’t share any with the seagulls … and please don’t leave any scraps for them to take away.

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